April 14, 2008


Shoud 8: CLAIM WHO YOU ARE - Featuring Tobias


April 5, 2008

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Hello Tobias. What is fractal geometry and why does this elegance trigger such memories?

TOBIAS: Ah! Well, fractal geometry, sacred geometry, numerology, numbers themselves and what we would call more universal mathematics are incredible ways of understanding how energy flows and how it responds to consciousness.

Mathematics do not make the universe. They respond to the universe. Mathematics show how consciousness can actually be brought in from the nonphysical realms into the physical. The fractal geometry is another amazing, amazing part of this whole study of numbers and the way energy moves and the way it works.

So, obviously as you already know, you have spent a lot of time working with this in the past. You have worked with aspects of Kuthumi who understood this. You’ve worked in many, many lifetimes in the temples in Egypt, also going as far back as Atlantis, and understanding how geometry, numbers, all of this, show how energy work. And you can actually use fractal geometry as a way to connect in an easier way to the nonphysical realms. So it is something you’ve studied and something that still applies today.

SHAUMBRA 10: Great. Thank you.

TOBIAS: But always remember, in numbers there are numbers between the numbers and there are what we would call reverse numbers. Now, we’re not talking anything below zero – not going to -1 or -2 – but every number has a reverse number, and we would love for you to play with this concept because it gives new meaning to any type of fractal work. Thank you.

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